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Bri and Ben’s wedding at the LA River Center in Northeast Los Angeles felt fluid and fun and just so right. The venue is a state-owned gem at the edge of the super urban neighborhoods of Cypress Park and Highland Park. Once you’re in the gates, you could be in any part of town, in any time period. Bri and Ben are both musicians and several of their musical friends played for them at the wedding. A personalized processional song was performed for them by the songwriter, an a cappella female trio sang “The Book of Love” mid-ceremony, and two of Ben’s friends and former bandmates from Charleston performed a first dance version of “The Luckiest”. Bri’s sister Genevieve and another friend co-DJ’d the after-dinner dance party which kept them going late into the night. Check out more of the story over at east side bride!

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Venue: Los Angeles River Center and Gardens
Caterer: Auntie Em’s
Dress: Mara Hoffman for Free People
Suit: Paul Smith
Rings: Jewels Curnow & StagHead Designs (via Etsy)